Book Review: Android Application Programming with OpenCV

OpenCV is a well-known algorithm package for computer vision. It is easy to use, with high quality, and keeping pace with cutting edge technologies. Currently it is mainly used in the PC environment. And some portings for mobile system are also available, such as IOS, Android. For Android platform, the developers typically use the native interface to call the OpenCV APIs, it's high efficient but without convenience of OpenCV.
 The current version of opencv provides the APIs for Java, which enable the API calling  much easier. This book provides the basic knowledge of setting up the development environment, guide the user from the simplest sample of preview, snapshot of images with OpenCV to pixel manipulation, object detect and even covering the 3D display.
The authors provides step by step guide, in my opinion it is a hand by hand training. For every programmer who want to use opencv on android should have this book in the hand. It will ease your starting to dive into opencv on android.


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